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Brand: CubiiColor: AquaFeatures:

  • COMPACT ELLIPTICAL- Leading compact and ergonomic mini elliptical that lets you workout or rehab while you sit at home or the office.
  • REHAB AND FITNESS EXERCISE PEDDLER �C The smooth gliding motion can be switched between 8 resistance levels to increase desk exercise as you gain strength.
  • WHISPER QUIET MINI EXERCISE BIKE �C Enjoy your favorite show, read your current book, and stay productive at work all while you Cubii without the worry of distraction!
  • BUILT-IN LCD DISPLAY �C The digital monitor allows you to keep up with your progress by tracking calories burned, strides pedaled, distance traveled, and more!
  • PORTABLE ELLIPTICAL �C The Cubii under desk elliptical allows you to move a little more and burn calories while you pedal at home in the living room or in office at your desk.

Details: Cubii JR1 takes the excuse out of ��I just don��t have time.�� Built specifically to be used while sitting. Because of Cubii JR1��s quiet and compact design, workout in your favorite chair at home or easily slip Cubii JR1 under your desk to discreetly workout at the office. Know how well you��re doing in real time with the built-in display monitor which records time, calories, distance, strides and RPM. Cubii JR1��s patented ergonomic design helps you go beyond the calorie count to engage your core, hip flexors, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, improve your posture and energy levels. In a recent study conducted by leading obesity experts, when compared to stationary sitting, Cubii JR1 increased participant��s energy expenditure by 84.5%. For comparison, a standing desk only increased participant��s energy expenditure by 16.7%. Other pedal machines on the market tend to mimic the motion of a bike vs Cubii JR1��s elliptical motion. The range of motion on a bike is typically a lot higher than an elliptical which puts more pressure on your knees. Because of Cubii JR1��s patented ergonomic angles, its smooth and unconscious elliptical motion won��t cause your knees to hit the underside of your desk and is low impact on your joints. NEAT-certified is a trademark of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research and used under license. * Built in display monitor tracks real time calories, strides, distance, time and RPM * Patented ergonomic angels provide a smooth elliptical exercise that is low impact on your joints * Compact design allows you to workout at home or office, anytime, anywhere �C no gym required * Select from 8 resistance levels, allowing you to adjust and control the intensity of your workout * Purchase includes all necessary equipment for easy assembly. Estimated assembly time is 3-5 minsPackage Dimensions: 24.6 x 12.8 x 12.5 inches

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Weight 100.00 kg


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