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ARIETE TUBELESS 83 VALVE STEM ON ROAD These aluminum valve stems are angled at 83* to make airing up and down much easier while at the same time limiting air pressure loss at the valve. These make a great looking and great performing accessory for any standard tubeless wheel. Available in 5 different colors and 2 different diameters. Aluminum safety valves for tubeless wheels 83* angle eliminates the valve being opened through centrifugal force at high wheel speeds 83* angle for easy airing up and down Fixed to the wheel using a lock nut to prevent valve from bending or being expelled Available in 11.3 for standard tubeless wheels Available in 8.3 for special wheels including Antera, Brembo, Marchesini, Marvic, and OZ Racing Approximate weight is 12g per valve All BMW R1150RT, R1200GS and 1999-2008 BMW K1200LT. The valves will not fit, without modifying the rim or valve stem. Area around rim hole opening has a ��rib�� that prevents the valve from seating. Grinding the valve stem or rim ��rib�� would be required. 1988-2000 Honda GL1500 GoldWing and 2001-2008 Honda GL1800 GoldWing: Valves do not fit due to a small raised tire-valve support on the rim. A minor modification would be required to grind down the small raised tire-valve support on the rim. Disclaimer: Sandro Mentasti Srl manufactures its products directly, and markets them under the ARIETE brand. The use of names of manufacturers is intended as merely descriptive, Sandro Mentasti Srl is in no way connected with any brand. The only purpose of this use is to describe the accessory and/or the part.

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