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59��H Dog Pet Grooming Bath Tub
This professional pet dog grooming tub is designed to help you handle the shower of a human��s best friend�Cpet dogs. 304 stainless steel structure makes it shiny, elegant, and durable. It comes with everything you need to make bathing a more relaxed and fun affair. There is no more trouble bathing for your pet at home, pet hospital, or pet beauty salon with our pet bathtub

Tough Equipment & Tools, Pay Less
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Stainless Steel Structure
The pet washing station is made of 304 stainless steel material, enabling the grooming tub to hold up to 220lbs load. With the sturdy structure, you can bath for your pet��s peace of mind.

Size Table
Please carefully compare the measurement data of your pet with our tub size, then choose the size what the length/ width/ height your pet fits. Fit for maximize size pets: 49��L x 25��W x 40��H/ 125 x 64 x 151 cm.

Door and Ramp
The sliding door is to smoothly open and close, the foldable ramp to easily store and move, the non-skid ramp to help pets climb in and out the tub, and the rubber feet to keep stable.

Sprayer and Faucet
The dog wash station features a rust-proof faucet with a hose and brass core. Cold and hot water are both accessible. The sprayer is capable of adjusting the volume of water for high practicability

Complete Accessories
Compared to other plastic pipes, our drain kit is made of stainless steel to ensure that the pipe can provide long-term service. In addition, dog leashes and red playing balls provide an enjoyable user experience for your pet.

Versatile Application
As a dog grooming bathtub, it is perfect for home, pet hospital, pet beauty salons to use. Make dogs and other pets enjoy a relaxing shower or bath

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Weight 100.00 kg


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