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Highly Flexible Extremely Durable 7/19 galvanized wire rope construction Thick Vinyl Coating makes this the best cable available 2000 lb break strength 50 to 250 feet of Top of the line, long life vinyl coated cable for a 25-125 ft clothesline pulley system Far superior flexibility and life span compared to those light clothesline kits available at the hardware store. This is genuine rigging cable with a thick durable vinyl coating to last a very long time. 7/19 wire galvanized wire construction additional corrosion resistance, high flexibility, great appearance, and abrasion resistance. This is the real stuff used on sailboats and winching equipment, I��ve had it installed for over 10 years and it��s still going strong- hard to say about those little prepackaged stiff wire kits sold as clothesline. Comes in 50 ft increments to 500 ft length by special request. Please feel free to ask absolutely any questions. Not Included: Quality aluminum Pulleys, Spacers, and Supplies are also available.

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Weight 100.00 kg


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