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This 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Matte Black with TriVantage Multifunctional Cooking System features the ability to sear, grill, and with steakhouse quality from your own backyard BBQ grill. This 4 burner propane gas grill includes SearPLUS, SmokeZONE, and EquiHeat technology to take your BBQ game to the next . The SearPLUS feature is a 15,000 concentrated heat zone with a porcelain-coated pattern cast iron grate for perfecting your steakhouse quality sear. Add that savory, smoky flavor to your foods with the SmokeZONE integrated smoker box that fits perfectly between two standard burners and may be removed when not in use. The EquiHeat design eliminates and cold spots, giving your foods the even grilling surface it deserves. This impressive combination of cooking power, quality construction, and unique features will amplify your outdoor BBQ experience. The four burners provide 51,000 BTUs of cooking power under a total of 590 sq. in. of cooking space. The 448 sq. in. of primary cooking space across the matte porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates will easily accommodate up to 22 burger patties. This propane gas BBQ grill features a matte black finish, a double-walled grill lid with built-in thermometer, and easy-to-use integrated ignition system that makes start-ups a breeze. Move your grill hassle-free to the ideal cooking spot or into storage with its two resin wheels.

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