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Store your wine and other drinks at an ideal temperature so they are ready when you are. The NS-BC2ZSS1 42-Bottle or 128-Can Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler with Glass Doors has two independent cooling zones with a digital thermostat control making it easy to choose the ideal temperature of each compartment. for a big gathering, store up to 21 standard wine bottles or 64 beverage cans per side. Interchangeable wire and wood shelves let you organize your cooler the way you like it. Plus, soft interior lighting and glass doors help you and your guests reach for the right drink every time. With a stainless-steel finish and low-E glass doors, this appliance is easy to clean and adds a modern look to any space. Party over? Lock the cooler with the included keys to keep your safe inside. Showcase your wine and beverage or reach for a drink at anytime with the help of this dual-zone cooler.

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