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  • 1. The folding knee scooter also has a handlebar with a quick-release folding mechanism for easy transportation and storage. The fully adjustable kneepad handlebars and padded knee platform can withstand a weight of 250 pounds.
  • 2. Steerable steerable knee scooter walkers have four 8-inch rubber wheels, dual adjustable locking hand brakes and dual rear wheel brakes. With this scooter, you can walk down the driveway to the sidewalk if you want to get off and enjoy the sun.
  • 3. The sturdy steel frame provides stability and durability and is ideal for those recovering from foot surgery, fracture, sprain, amputation and foot ulcers. This walker is a hands-free / painless crutches replacement product that provides the most uses in knee walkers.
  • 4. Please note-for safety reasons, please do not slide at high speed. Recommended speed: 1m / s. Do not operate on slopes slightly above 15 degrees. Do not cross water drops or obstacles (such as curbs).
  • 5. If you are still worried about the inability to enjoy walking after a knee injury, you can choose a knee car with a shock absorber. This is because this device is designed to lose weight, which will help your recovery or at least make the process easier.

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Weight 100.00 kg


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