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This compact dryer with 13lbs cloth capacity/ 3.5 cu.ft. makes it easy to quickly clothes, sheets, table linens, and more, without taking up a lot of room. for small living spaces, such as apartments, dorm, or condos. It is also lightweight enough so you can take it with you in an RV or camping trip. The ETL/CETL-approved, 110Voltage can be plugged anywhere and matches any Portable Washer. Energy save 1500Watts and features a spacious 3.5 cu. ft. drum, a removable interior lint filter, and a user-friendly control panel. Choose drying time, from 20 to 200 minutes. A wall-hanging bracket comes included, can be wall mounted. With rear-venting, can be vented, or recirculating under general room condition where sits close to the window. Or, buy and apply with the extra indoor venting kit. Since it 110V, it may take longer to than a regular dryer of 220v.

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Weight 100.00 kg


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