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PICTURES ARE REPRESENTATIVE OF ITEM, BUT ARE NOT OF THE ACTUAL ITEM. Product dimensions, finish, head markings, thread length, stamping shape or forging shape, etc., may differ from picture. Products are guaranteed to meet the specifications to which they are manufactured. Specifications allow for tolerances in dimension and shape, which can vary from lot to lot. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Part #: 0000-131127 Fastener Type: Hex Lag Screw Size Description: 3/4��-4 1/2 x 8�� Diameter/Nominal Size: 3/4�� Length: 8�� Wrench Size/Across Flats: 1.088-1.125�� Width Across Corners: 1.240-1.240�� Head Height: 0.455-0.524�� Thread Pitch: 4 1/2 Thread Direction: Right System of Measurement: Inch Material: Low Carbon Steel Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized Head Type: Hex Drive Type: External Hex Average Piece Weight: 1.0028200 lbs. Lag screws or lag bolts are primarily used in wood construction for heavier load applications than most wood screws can support.

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Weight 100.00 kg


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