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This foldable clothes drying rack is your helper to dry a variety of clothes and other items! The fully assembled rack is easy to use. Adjustable wings and ample drying space enable you to hang longer clothes or bed linen with convenience. Besides triangle structure makes it not easy to collapse and deform. This rack made of durable steel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it as a storage rack in your bedroom or living room. The drying rack can also be used to dry quilts pillows and shoes in your balcony backyard and other places. Apart from that you can fold it after usage and store it anywhere. Supporting bar to adjust the wings�� tilt angle Equipped with many robs and 2 layers to hang more clothes and other items Sock clip to prevent socks from falling to the ground Able to place pillows quilts towels or shoes Triangle structure ensures high stability Powder-coated steel pipe keeps it durable and sturdy Foldable design enables you to set it up easily and store it in any corner after using Can be used as a storage rack and a drying rack Suitable for living room balcony backyard and other places

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Weight 100.00 kg


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