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This Air Filter has baking soda and carbon odor reducing technology built into the filter to attract and trap allergens, dust, dander, and household smells. The benefits of the high-performance allergen reducing air filter are numerous, electrostatically charged, pleated, unscented, and odor combating filter material that rivals and outperforms the competitors. With benefits of being MADE IN THE USA. The Maximum 16000 reduces up to 87% of airborne micro particles in your household & office while providing cleaner and fresher air. The filter is able to do this through an added proprietary odor reduction ingredient named Oguard, as well as using baking soda which Arm & Hammer is known since 1946. Each air filter has up to a 3-month life span. This is an optimal replacement for the Filtrete MPR 1200 Allergen Defense Odor Reduction air filter. MERV 11: High density fibers = more surface area for more consistent overall filtration. Oguard II Proprietary odor reduction ingredient Highly effective at reducing a wide range of odors. Carbon Granules Built into the media, unlike the competition with a large capacity for absorbing odors. Electrostatic pleated media with carbon & baking soda reduces odors in your home caused by pets, tobacco smoke, cooking, mildew, and cleaning chemicals. Made in the USA. Recommended to change at least every 90 days

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