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Moving laundry around your home just got easier with the 1.75 Bushel Ultra Wheeled Laundry Basket. It effectively combines the valued features of portability and capacity all in one and is perfectly sized to hold the entire family��s laundry. Incorporated into the base of the hamper, the wheels move easily across all smooth surfaces, while the retractable handle provides a secure grip to easily transport clothes. The combination of these two features helps to make trips to the laundry room less of a chore. The integrated, comfort grip handles allow for easy lifting and carrying through doorways, hallways, and up & down stairs. The stylish, square hole pattern provides ventilation for clothes and helps eliminate excessive odors, while the polished finish provides an attractive laundry solution that is easy to clean. This basket is ideal for storing dirty clothes and transporting laundry, making it the for those living in apartments or dorm rooms. The overall assembled dimensions of this item are 21 1/8�� L x 16 3/4�� W x 22 1/8�� H.

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Weight 100.00 kg


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