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Find a value pack of high quality replacement furnace filters from SpiroPure. SpiroPure pleated AC & Furnace filters are made in the USA and are the perfect choice for most standard residential and light commercial air conditioner and furnace units. �C Carbon air filters have filter media that is impregnated with odor-absorbing granulated carbon. The odor eliminator technology in the filter means that odor and fumes from food preparation, cigarette smoke, pets, vehicle exhaustion, and more is controlled within the home. The MERV 8 rating means the filter has a 70% to 85% efficiency of size 3 to 10 micron particles, perfect for removing airborne contaminants without impeding the airflow in your HVAC system.SpiroPure MERV 8 Carbon Pleated Filters remove the following household contaminants:Chemical Fumes �C Household & Pet Odors �C Lint & Dust �C Dust Mite DebrisPollenMold Spores �C Pet Dander A dirty filter restricts airflow, which can put too much strain on the system. As a result, there can be motor burnout and an overheated system. The leading cause for HVAC system failure is a dirty air filter.

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