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The Lenox RX+ bimetal band saw blade has a vari-tooth design, a positive rake angle, and an optimised variable pitch and set sequence for cutting carbon steel and structural steel. The teeth have an RX+ vari-tooth design to reduce strippage at high feed rates and are made of M-42 high-speed steel for heat and wear resistance. The blade can make cuts in tubular shapes, structural shapes, and tubular bundles. This band saw blade has an optimised variable pitch and set sequence to reduce noise levels and vibrations and to remove chips efficiently. Band saw blades are long, continuous bands of metal that loop around the wheels of band saws and can make straight or curved cuts in metal, wood, stone, plastic, and other materials. When purchasing band saw blades, consider the application, as this will affect the tooth rake, tooth set, pitch, and size of the blade. Band saw blades are available with a positive rake angle or a straight (also called zero) rake angle, and with a raker, wavy, or alternate tooth set. Pitch (the number of teeth per inch or per 25.4 mm) affects the type of finish and may be constant or variable. Band saw blades are available in different lengths and widths to fit the requirements of specific band saws. Lenox manufactures hand tools, band saw blades, and power tool accessories. The company, founded in 1915, is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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