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Rider Weight Range
  • Supports up to 450lbs
Skill Level:
  • Big & Incredibly Stable ISUP for Beginners + All the extras included for the more Experienced paddle boarders to enjoy.
  • *NOW Included Premium Automatic Pump
Performance Focused Shape:
  • 11��6 long x 34�� wide x 6�� thick
  • Extremely stable and wide center outline
  • Pulled in nose and rounded tail for efficient paddle glide
  • Slight rocker on nose to prevent unnecessary drag
  • 2+1 Fin System for consistent tracking while paddling
  • Wax-Free ��Fingerprint�� Textured top Deck
  • Pre-Installed Paddle Holding straps on the ISUP��s rail
  • EZ carry Handle for easy out-of-water transportation when inflated
  • Pre-Installed Bungees and D-Rings for all the included accessories
Premium Custom Materials:
  • Custom Double Layered Military Grade ��Grey Denim�� or ��Grey Wood�� PVC material outer shell
  • Carbon Fiber or white wall wrapped rails
  • Carbon Fiber or White Wall Top and Bottom Deck Stringer for extra rigidity when gear is piled on
  • Dual Axis Drop-Stitch Technology for stiff rigid core when inflated
  • IXPE Pre-Installed Foam top Deck
  • Universal ISUP Inflation Valve
  • Wax-Free ��Fingerprint�� Textured Grip Top Deck Wax-Free ��Fingerprint Texture Soft Top Foam Deck
11��6 Hippocamp Inflatable Paddle Board Includes:

  • (1) 11��6 Fishing ISUP
  • (1) Automatic ISUP Pump
  • (2) Pre-Installed Side Fins
  • (1) 9�� FCS Single Fin for proper FCS SUP fin box
  • (1) 11�� Coiled Leash
  • (1) 4 Piece Kayak Paddle
  • (1) Set of Pre-Installed Bungee Straps
  • (1) ISUP High Capacity Hand Pump
  • (1) ISUP Patch Repair Kit
  • (1) XXL Deluxe ISUP Carrying Backpack with Wheels
  • (4) Kayak Seat Pre-Installed D-Rings
  • (1) Kayak Seat
  • (1) ISUP Cooler + Securing Clips
  • (1) Waterproof Fanny Pack for your Phone
  • (3) Pre-Installed Fishing Mount Plates
  • (2) Fishing Rod Holders and Mounts
The 11��6 Hippocamp Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board:

Our Hippocamp Inflatable Paddle Boards are made with only the best, specifically sourced materials to ensure premium consistent quality. The Inflatable Paddle Boards deliver unbeatable value with their unique designs, incredible construction quality, & performance focused features. They simply are the best Inflatable Paddle Boards online in the world today.

Now includes (1) automatic ISUP pump that plugs into your cars lighter socket and gets your ISUP pumped up effortlessly. Just plug it into your car and screw the h3 valve pump into you isup, set the psi level and it starts inflating. It will auto shut off at the set PSI level + includes a deflate end to get your isup perfectly deflated to easily roll it up tight again for on-the-go travel.

These 11��6 ISUPs are the Premier Fishing & Exploring Paddle Board Packages created by our team at SBBC. These complete deluxe ISUP kits include every single premium accessory you could ever need; The fishing rod mounts, the kayak seat, the 4 Piece Paddle, the ISUP Cooler, the XXL Carrying bag (practically it��s own suitcase) and more �C This powerhouse of an ISUP is dialed in and ready for action.

The premium 11��6 Hippocamp Inflatable Paddle Boards are extremely stable and incredibly durable. They are great for all skill levels to easily use. The 11��6 Inflatable Paddle Board easily supports up to 450lbs �C absolutely ideal for bringing fishing gear or an extra fishing partner along. This 11��6 ISUP Package = The ultimate Inflatable Paddle Board Package for epic Fishing, Exploring, and Aquatic Adventures.

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Weight 100.00 kg


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