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  • Angle: 30 Deg
  • Collation: 30 Deg. Paper Strip
  • Finish: Ht
  • For Use With: 5250S PP
  • Length: 1-1/2��
  • Point Style: Lg Dia
  • Shank Diameter: 0.148��
  • Shank Type: Smooth
  • The only heat-treated, ICBO recognized fasteners for metal hardware installation
  • Hardened steel for more consistent fastening results with less ricocheting
  • For Paslode Model 5250/65S PP Positive Placement? metal hardware framing nailer
  • Nails do not protrude from nose
  • ProStrip? Paper Tape Collection �C no flying debris
  • Weather resistant and won��t break apart
  • Improved Point Geometry �C increases holding power and reduces wood splitting
  • New head marking allows you to identify which fastener was used even after the nail has been driven, making the inspection process much easier
  • Each fastener size is assigned its own unique mark
  • Boxed

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Weight 100.00 kg


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