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Recommended weight capacity 80 LBS Shelf Bracket available in White, Black, Chrome, or Brushed Bronze finish 3/8�� thick clear tempered glass Bright flat polished edges Blunted touch corners Expertly packed to ensure safe arrival Each shelf individually cartoned with styrofoam protection Screws included for installation on studs Easy installation! Q: Are the glass shelves Tempered? Yes, Our 3/8�� thick Clear glass shelves are Tempered. Q: What is the difference between Tempered and Non-Tempered glass? Tempered glass or Toughened glass is also sometimes called Safety glass. Tempered glass is processed by a controlled thermal or chemical treatment. This process increases its strength compared to normal or annealed glass. Tempered glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass. Excellent applications are shelves, shower doors, Etc. Tempered glass is sometimes referred to as Safety Glass because when broken it crumbles into small granular cubicle pieces, rather than large shards. Any fabrication of tempered glass such as cutting, drilling, and polishing, must be done before glass is tempered. GLASSTOPSDIRECT uses only tempered glass on all wall hung shelves, in additiona to all and 3/8 thick glass. Q: What can I put on my glass shelves? Most of our shelves have a weight capacity of 50-80 pounds. Q: Are the screws included for the installation of my glass shelves? Screws for installation on studs are included with the brackets for your glass shelves. If Not installing into studs, wall anchors or toggle bolts will be needed. Q: How are my glass shelves packaged? All glass shelves are individually cartoned with Styrofoam protection all around. Q: If I order 5 glass shelves, will I receive 5 boxes? Not Necessarily. Depending on the type

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Weight 100.00 kg


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